What Others Have Said

We offer a real opportunity for you to learn from the best, but will this opportunity really give you the results you desire for both you and your team?

Our previous attendees seem to think so:

"I have told so many people that my experience with Disney Institute was almost as good as going to Disneyland itself! I thought the content was practical, creative, innovative and thought provoking - it is the simple things we already know and some probably do that need reawakening and to be acknowledged. I thought the day was well structured, content relevant and the speakers were brilliant in their delivery and manner, nothing short of what you would expect from Disney."

"The seminar was run exceptionally well, with useful information presented in an effective and engaging way. I was hoping to get a lot from it and I did. The insight into the mindset of those who work for Disney and how this mindset and attitude is embedded was enlightening and gave me a lot of ideas on how we can implement a similar approach at my own organisation."

"The training had the Disney brand association, I found staff were more accommodating to the ideas I have implemented as they know it has worked at the very highest level."

"The training was excellent and highly relevant to our needs. I have implemented a number of new systems and techniques, specifically around staff, which I learnt at the course, and I intend to introduce many more. My only regret is that I didn't take my senior team." 

"Great performance from the two facilitators, they were really engaging and I found myself wanting to listen to more and more information. The detail that they went into was impressive.They had alot of really useful information, that no matter what business your in could be adapted."

"It was very entertaining, interesting and we came away with ideas for our own business. The two presenters really brought the session alive, their passion was strong and this made us all feel very positive"

"I was completely surprised by the way you were able to turn any of the ideas that the guys had about customer service to your own business regardless of the business that you had. Jeff and Jack were such good fun and the whole day was informative and fun at the same time."

"Presentation of event meant we could relate similar experiences and therefore create action plans even though we are in a different industry"